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The Royalty Coffee©   


As an Olympian, World Championship athlete, World Record Holder  and a  USA National Indoor Champion, I pursue greatness, not only in the athletic arena, but also in our search for the perfect cup of coffee. 

Smell sip savor© 

The Royalty Blend  

Smell Sip Savor.

Peak Performance High Altitude Coffee.”Medium Roast “No Pesticides, Fair Trade, Non GMO, and Beans Full Of Antioxidants! Medium Roast Low Acid Smooth Tasting.Each origin is roasted separately to a WELL -DEVELOPED  “full city” , then blended to perfection.The berry top notes are accompanied by sweet orange- citrus taste followed by smooth dark chocolate with a hint of brown sugar with a CRISP CLEAN FINISH.Elevate your daily grind with pure, delicious  Coffee. Our coffee meets the highest standards for health and taste.
Specialty Grade USDA

Certified Organic coffee
$13.99  9 oz  (  Whole Bean)

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Brand Royalty Blend
Roast Level  Medum -Roast 
Caffeine Content Caffeinated
 type  Whole Beans
Weight 9.8 Ounces

White coffee 

Smell Sip Savor.

White Coffee contains more caffeine then fully-roasted coffee because of the low roasting temperatures and duration in which it is roasted. The caffeine in coffee is measured by it’s density which changes dependent upon how long the beans are roasted.The longer the beans are roasted, the less dense they become so per scoop of coffee grounds, you’re getting less caffeine. Based on this logic, Dark coffee beans have the least caffeine, followed by medium roast, and light roast.Light coffee has the mildest flavor because it is roasted for the shortest amount of time, but the highest caffeine content for the very same reason. $29.99 12 Ounces.


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Brand Royalty White Coffee
Roast Level  Light-roast 
Caffeine Content Caffeinated
 type  Ground
Weight 12 Ounces



Organic Dark Roast| 12oz



Single Origin Coffee.


Utilizing coffees from different Guatemalan growing regions gives this coffee unique characteristic of Dark Chocolate, Bright red apple, honey-sweet finish and excellent consistency cup-to- cup.

$15.99  12 oz  whole beans

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Brand Royalty Dark Roast
Roast Level  Dark-roast 
Caffeine Content Caffeinated
 type  Whole Beans
Weight 12 Ounces



Signature Decaf
Fair-Trade, organic and 100% chemical free.

It is comprised of coffees from Indonesia, Central and South America.

The combination creates a very clean, sweet, and balanced decaf that works well with a drip coffee and as an espresso.

16 oz GROUND





  We are in the business of impact.

It is the most important thing we strive to make. From the start of a customer’s morning to the end of a farmer’s day, this is how we are measured.

Our farmers aren’t suppliers — they’re people.

And what they cultivate isn’t a commodity — it’s a livelihood. It’s not just a supply chain, it’s a chain of values that guides everything we do. Integrity leads to transparency.


Transparency to prosperity. And prosperity to quality. It’s a purposefully crafted product and process where all of us — from farmer to customer — Smell Sip Savor.




Distribution Center -Richland, Washington